Is there a game-maker software for room escape apps?

Answer: Yes, the CREPE app is for pro use. CREPE is an acronym for Cloudburst Room Escape Puzzle Engine. The app is for either game studios or animation studios. The application makes preparing room escape games easier.

Modern Day Castle Building in France
Castle Guédelon

We plan to host a challenge match for several studios to compete to build the best set of castles, never seen.

By Ron Packard, Jr.
July 31, 2017

Our game is “Castle Breakout” that features exquisite imagery. Imagery that is high definition rendered images. It requires powerful and expensive GPU’s on desktop's or even super computers.

In days of yore, rich peasants who had saved their coins would unite. They would offer to the Kingdom to build a wall in exchange for a royalty. Thats how the word started. Completing walls, the peasants gain an abundance by the Kingdom. They became nobleman with fine country estates and their own lands.


We are going to build a set of world-popular castles with interiors the likes that the world has never seen!! Each room will be an escape room. Each room will be built with exquisite design tastes. Each room will have a funny animal that is part of the puzzle, like our first 10 do.

Each of maybe 5 animation studios will be from each continent, competing with studios from other continents. So it will be fun to have some continents prepare some castles - that perhaps never before had castles, to much of a degree. Such as Australia and USA for instance.

We will also allow palaces, strongholds, and manors. You, as castle buider, will be inheriting the studio's heirloom - enchanted key - that you may use to learn about the outpost's history.


The first goal is for a studio to rise up and give sporty game to other studios on each continent. An artistic Olympic (sporty) game of continents!!! Each studio will prepare five levels.

The game shall be called:

Artemis is out of balance. Too many have followed after her huntress ways and not enough attention to her need for restoring the peace of the wilderness.

Some example castles that we will build include Indian Castles (5 of them - who knew India had castles?), Chinese Palaces and castles, Russian Palaces, European Castles both Eastern and Western, USA and Australia castles (again who knew?!).

Once we have a massive collection of levels we will offer to the consumer a level choice experience such that the users can rate each level on 3 perspectives, keyword tag the levels and then sort the levels based on their particular interests and tags. (Segmented by gender, country, and language preference).


Those animation studios, or gaming studios who are wealthy enough to fund the building of the castle rooms in exchange will get:

  • the CREPE (Cloudburst Room Escape Puzzle Engine) (Mac / Windows) - please note it's only good for our particular castle game. It’s most certainly not rigged for the escape game experience at large. Along with a video tutorial of building a level, plus the castle’s “Training Room” to practice on.
  • they will get an already designed level or two from our bounty that needs to be built.
  • they will get mentorship from our CEO who has 7 years experience producing as well a tutorial on the CREPE.
  • they will get a royalty application that will give them a read on their revenues.
  • they will get a platform web page that will give flags for indication of their progress and approval as a studio
  • Each studio will get a royalty from the production of their contribution levels, plus a smaller share of the total pie.

Regarding the royalty, despite the humor at the left, it won't be a small royalty. But something considerable for both producers and the artists. Probably about 30% to be shared among the group. The producers can divvy it up among his / her help.

THE CREPE APP for Windows / Mac / Linux.

This CREPE is the game maker software. It allows for previewing the game, even as soon as the modeling is done. And allows for the game designer build the game play himself, instead of programmers.

And allows for all the other studio members to preview the game before it is released. The CREPE works on Mac and Windows both, and is easy to use.

It comes with a tutorial on how to use it. Later it will have platform tools such as flags for submission and approval. It will also include deep data integration such that a game designer or animator can see how a particular level is doing with the audience. Even getting real time stats on performance. He / she can then make a tweak or two and submit send it out for instant release on approval.


This is a sneak peek at the royalty app, which will give the participating studios and their crews a window into their earnings and revenue. It will feature the rooms they have made, along with the revenues for such rooms. As well as a possible over-arching smaller contribution from the entire game. This gives rise to a bit of cooperation between studios. How much percent to share between studios is a question for competing group dynamics team theorists


Cloudburst will use the money to fund a set of wild animal initiatives. Animals are increasingly facing extinction due to habitation loss due to man encroachment. Not sure yet exactly how to face this issue but perhaps with a set of mobile apps that help educate the public on both wild animals and what we can all do to help.

In addition, we plan to help fund the following:

  • land areas to be used as preserves.
  • policy appeals
  • funding of other already existing preservation initiatives
  • lobbying power
  • Further research