The Escape Gauntlet’s Golden Fists

The Purpose of The Golden Gauntlet Keys

The Golden Fists, also known as The Golden Gauntlet Keys, are tools made for the escape artist that knows his or her way around and or out of locked rooms, imprisonment or traps. In the realm of Castle Breakout The Golden Fists are more ancient than time itself. The true origins of The Fists are unknown but their sole purpose of aiding the escape artist out of impossible situations is well known and documented. The technology of The Fists is a mix of spiritual, mental, electrical and some say “magical” means. Being that gold is superconductive for electrical currents, The Golden Fists act as a conduit circuit between mind, matter and spirit forming an instant super computer threat analysis intelligence that leads the escapee to tools, objects, pathways, strategies etc.. to open doors, various locks, and to find exits quickly and undetected. For The Guild, a secret society of higher knowledge, safety and progression, in Castle Breakout the main purpose of the Golden Fists are to help solve puzzles, test security and ensure safety even beyond what Guild members might have previously had in mind or even anticipated.

In action The Golden Fists act as a helpline. They don’t instantly solve problems for the escape artists, but they do give hints to the mind of the escape artist. They enhance intelligence partially making the escapee more aware of their surroundings. Goldsmiths and Magicians, according to the lore, worked closely together to craft The Golden Fists to master escape gauntlets as a second mind companion to the escapee in the form of what seems as simple Golden Gauntlets usually worn by knights and warriors. This ancient Gold Gauntlet technology is however more special than being just simple gloves since, as their name entails, they are keys, that don’t directly open locks, but instead they open up the third eye; of which, is the mind to its greatest potential. The Golden Gauntlet Key Fists are gripped, linked and actually activate the hint system within the game.

The Golden Gauntlet Fists are what make the hint and clue system available for Rex, the character who is the main escape artist who the user plays as in Castle Breakout. Rex sees the hint system similarly to the user/player of the game, but only in his mind. Besides the activation of the hint and clue system The Golden Fists can act as a weapon of destruction, offense, defense and have other capabilities as well that haven’t all been accessed by Rex or other escape artists of The Guild. In addition in a more dormant state The Golden Fists activate a full armor system that any escapee can use to protect themselves against danger and opposition. Of course The Golden Armor is only accessed when necessary however as long as enough energy is conserved to uphold the power of the fists. Just like the hint system can only be sustained and accessed with payment or replenishment of payment then the power of The Golden Fists need to be replenished and recharged with a similar energy exchange process where the gold of the gauntlets collects from the wearer of the fists.
Therefore this fact deems The Golden Fists to be vulnerable and not completely reliable, but as long as they are only used when needed, similar to the hint system then they will work well to help the escape artist successfully navigate puzzles and locked rooms.

The true history and origins of The Golden Gauntlet Fists are unclear however the prevalent story entails a legend of a race of elves or just little people that were visited by a tribe of tall desert people who shared with them secrets of magic, machinery and circuitry. The elves took, kept and passed down the teachings of the desert people and constructed many wondrous innovations that advanced their society further and that even impressed the desert people and other races of people. The Golden Gauntlet Fists survived the test of time and fell into the grips of The Guild of whom used its capabilities for their well known mission of ensuring security and unlocking the seemingly impenetrable rooms, fortresses and ancient sites.

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