22 Years Old, French



1.- It’s there an Animator or Artist that your Inspiration?

“ I really loved animations from pixar movies, and from all the games i played

throughout my life. But I think mostly God Of War really impressed me with

animations ”.

2.- What’s your favorite software, and why?

“ I love to work with Blender. I love the clean look and nice controls. It does

everything I need it to do (3d modelling, animation, easy to use)”

3.- Describe your PC Components (Ram, HDD, Processor, Video Card)

“ I have an intel quad core i5, 16gb of Ram, and GTX 970 ”

4.- Do you have some specific rules to start an animation?

Everytime I animate it’s a bit different because i learn more things and get a little bit

better, but before I start, I always try to imagine what kind of movement would work

with the character’s personality for example if the character I am making is calm and

relaxed, I would make gentle and slow animations, if they are energetic I might make

faster and more powerful animations”

5.- Do you like a Video Games?

“I love video games, it’s like watching a movie but you are the star”

6.- What’s your favorite video game?

“My favorite video game is The Witcher 3.”

7.- How many times a day do you play Video Games?

“I don’t play much video games when i have school, but when I have vacation I play

2-3 hours a day usually”

8.- Do you have experience to work on Video Games?

“I’ve never had a real game development job but I always liked to work on video

games for fun and learning. I am working on a game alone now but my main focus is


9.- What’s your big dream? What would you like to get from this job?

“My dream is to make games that i am proud of and many people can play and

enjoy, hopefully i would like to be part of a really good game development team with

great people in the future and have it as a full time job ”


1.- How is the distribution of your time day by day? Do you make a balance between

your work and your family or do you think that you spend most of your time at work?

“I usually do some game development early in the morning, then go to school, come

home and talk with my family and relax, do some game development at night before

sleeping. I don’t usually spend more than 3-5 hours working on games. But

sometimes i spend the entire day”

2.- Do you have a favorite food that you like to eat whenever you do an animation?

“I don’t eat when I do an animation, but I like to drink something like orange juice or

apple juice”

3.- Do you have a favorite music or Musical Genre that you like to listen to whenever

you do an animation?

“I like to have the television turned on and i listen to the sound from it”

4.- Do you prefer to work individually or team?

“I like to do game development and animation alone because I can take my time and


5.- Do you practice another activity? Do you have a hobbie, sport, or routine activity?

“ I like to play basketball and I go to the gym and try to stay in shape regularly ”

6.- Do you have a web page where you post your animations/designs/jobs?

“I don’t have a web page, but I try to post a lot on instagram”


1.- A place where you got inspiration

“ crash bandicoot games ”

2.- A favorite Video Game

“The Witcher 3”

3.- Most important place where you have worked

“My current game (I work on it alone from home)”

4.- Country that would you like to visit


5.- Retro or Modern


6.- iOS or Android


7.- iOS or Windows


8.- The most important to you

“Friends and Family”


1. What’s your first impression about the game…

The game looks really nice! I really like the graphics and the animations of the tiger.

2. Do You think you could create animations to improve some of our game?

If you want I can share the video with my friends. The game looks good, so there’s a

good chance an animator will like it.

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