Diego Pabon
Buenos Aires, Argentina



  1. Do you have a profession?
    “Yes, I’m an Industrial Designer, qualified at the University of Buenos Aires, but I dedicate most of my time to 3D animation, which is what I like the most.”
  1. Are you currently working for a company, or are you a freelance?
    “I’m a freelancer.”
  1. Is there an animator or artist who gives you your Inspiration?
    “Oh, yes, there are many! But I always follow Pixar, and enough of the 3D movies in general, to see how they solve or show different things on the screen. And I think it influences me a lot, having studied Industrial Design, so I love everything related to technology.”.
  1. What’s your favorite software, and why?
    “With  respect  to  software,  I  have  several  favorites.  Currently,  UNREAL ENGINE is the one that I use the most, due to the ease of Rendering in real time. Although it has its drawbacks, it allows me to save a lot of time in productivity. So,   at this moment, it’s my favorite.”

5.Describe your PC components (Ram, HDD, processor, videocard)
“Processor i7, 16gb of Ram, Nvidia 960 4gb. With UNREAL ENGINE it is necessary to have good equipment.  Some day I will improve it. But it is complicated by the situation here in my country.”

  1. Do you have some specific rules when starting an animation?
    “I usually ask for a script, as complete as possible, to start. I also ask for any materials they can give me, such as any existing 3D models, logos, images or sounds. When we agree the script, I usually deliver a low-quality animation to allow for corrections. And after making that, I deliver a new version, a little more complete until I develop the final result according to the client’s wishes.”
  1. Excellent.  It  shows you’re quite organization. Do you work any programming language?
    “But of course. Everythingg is flexible, I always do my best to adapt to the client.
    With respect to languages and programming, no, unfortunately I do not manage that. I used to do a very little programming, but I have not done it for a long time.”
  1. Do you like video games?
    “Yes, too much. I try to keep up with those who update them, watching their videos on YouTube. But normally, I do not play much for lack of time.”
  1. What’s your favorite video game?
    “My favorite video game is GTA V.”
  1. How many times a day do you play video games?
    “I don’t play video games much, 2 hours a day usually.”
  1. What would you like to get from this job?  What’s your big dream?

    “What a good question. I think that, at some point, I could make a longer animated movie.”


    1. How do you distribute your time day by day? Do you keep a balance between your work and your family, or do you think that you spend most of your time at work?
      “I usually work exclusively, as if I worked in an office. Maybe 8 to 9 exclusive hours for work, unless there is a large or urgent delivery that requires more time. But I try not to work outside of working hours as much as possible. .On work at weekends or outside normal working hours, it’s for my family.  I like to be organized.”
    1. Do you have a favorite food that you like to eat whenever you do an animation?
      “I try not to eat after hours, to keep myself in shape. I drink mainly tea or coffee while I work.”
    1. Do you have favorite music or a musical genre that you like to listen to whenever you do an animation?
      “With the musical genre, it changes. It depends on the day, but at the moment it can be classical or jazz music to help me concentrate, and then maybe a bit of EDM to work with more energy in the afternoon.”
    1. Do you prefer to work individually or in a team?
      “I usually work with a colleague who takes real video and combines it with animation. I often work individually, but I like to share with other people, to hear their opinions and suggestions about the projects I am, or we are working on”
    1. Do you practice another activity? Do you have a hobby, sport, or routine activity?
      “I generally like to run and help in the church I attend with my wife.”


  1. A place where you got inspiration.
    “Paris and the French Culture.”
  1. A favorite video game.
    “GTA V.”
  1. Most important place where you have worked.
    “Molinaripixel, a photography and video studio here in Buenos Aires.”
  1. Country that would you like to visit.

5.Retro or Modern.
“Both, depends on the day.”

  1. iOS or Android.
  1. iOS or Windows.
  1. Thing most important to you
    “My family”
  1. Languages you speak
    “Spanish and English.”


  1. What’s your first impression of the game…
    “Very interesting, the game, I really liked the setting and the images”
  1. What would you change visually?
    “I would maybe change the animated lake on the main screen. But I do not know if it is limited by the software. I think  not,  because of  the  animated  torches  inside. And I  really liked the image at the end with the sunlight entering on the right. I do  not know if you could get closer to the other images in that style. but this is only my opinion.”
  1. Do you think you could  make a significant contributions to the improvement  and evolution of our game?
    “Thank you very much. I would love to. I really like the theme. I think I could contribute to the general and detailed graphics. Maybe to match the general images closer to the ending that I commented on to you, with the sunlight.”

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