“My name is Arben Vllasaliu and I am a freelance visual and 3D artist based in Kosovo. I try to create video animations that stimulate our brains and give us a satisfying feeling.

I sold all of my paintings jobs to buy my personal computer to work on.

This is pretty much who I am. Growing up in a family of artists, I discovered my passion for art early. I graduated from the High School of Arts in Gjilan (Republic of Kosovo), where my main subject was graphic design. Right after High School, I started practicing my skills and started working in different companies. I have since received over 10 years of experience, ranging from simple logo design to web design and video production. I now focus on my own projects as a freelance visual and 3D artist. I post my loop animations on Instagram and Facebook, and I have had many positive reviews from companies and people from all over the world that enjoy my satisfying videos”

Arben Vllasaliu
Arben Vllasaliu


1. – Where do you work actually and what’s your specific function?
“I work on my own as a freelancer. I’m more focused on 3D animations”.
2. – It’s there an Animator or Artist that your Inspiration?
“I have a lot that inspires me, The French Monkey is one of them”.
3. – What’s your favorite software, and why?
“My favorite 3D software is CINEMA 4D because it’s more easy to play with and it’s more powerful at animations”.
4. – Describe your PC Components (Ram, HDD, Processor, Video Card)
“32 GB of RAM, 3TB of Hard Drive, Xeon e5 (24 CPUs), 2x GTX 1018. But I’m going to upgrade it soon, I need more GPU”
5. – Do you have some specific rules to start an animation?
“Yes, a cup of coffee”
6. – Do you like any Video Games?
“Hell Yeah, I finished the Call of Duty series a month ago. Now I’m playing Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. I prefer War/Action Games. I play on PC Only”
7. – How many times a day do you play Video Games?
“1 – 2 hours, It helps me to think more creatively, and I don’t play every day”
8. – Do you have experience working on Video Games?
“No, but I work for game developers very often, modeling their characters, objects, cars, etc. Usually for smartphone games”
9. – What’s your big dream? What would you like to get from this job?
“My goal is to have my own company with a professional crew in the future, and even if I never make it happen, I will keep doing what I’m doing now, I feel good doing this type of job”
10. – What advice would you give to those people who are passionate about this world of graphic animation?
“Explore more, and start your career as a freelancer as soon as possible and always be honest with your clients”
11. – Recommend a Graphic Designer or Animator
“@plsur she help artists a lot”


1. – How is the distribution of your time day by day? Do you make a balance between your work and your family or do you think that you spend most of your time at work?

“I spend most of the time in my room where I make the place more comfy to work on.

I live with my family, so I always squeeze in some time to spend with them, and I always try to find time for relaxing by walking in nature”
2. – Do you have a favorite food that you like to eat whenever you do an animation?
“I prefer coffee or water while I’m working”
3. – Do you have any favorite music or Musical Genre that you like to listen to whenever you do an animation?
“I listen to Blues, Soul and Jazz music often”
4. – Do you prefer to work individually or in a team?
“I feel better when I’m alone, but I can work in a team too”
5. – Do you practice any other activity? Do you have a hobby, sport, or routine activity?
“I’m not a sport person, but yes, I also draw sketches. sometimes I paint”
6. – Do you have a web page where you post your animations/designs/jobs?
“I only use Instagram, I think it is the best platform to reach more people around the world, but I’m creating my personal website. I will release it soon”


– A place where you got inspiration
2. – A favorite Video Game
“Call of Duty”
3. – Most important place where you have worked
“My lovely room”
4. – Country that would you like to visit
5. – Retro or Modern
6. – iOS or Android
7. – iOS or Windows
“Windows hands down”
8. – The most important to you


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