The thing about room escape games is that you have to tap around the room to see if the game will respond by showing you a clue. In most games, you don’t know where to tap when you first get into the room. All you can see is a bunch of stuff and physical features. You tap around until something responds and you get an idea or a clue. In a way, most of the “grind” is on tapping.

A reviewer from put it poignantly with the statement “I don’t really like these (sic) kind of games because of their tappy grind.”

That’s where we actually got the name for the feature.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could see indicators of where you should tap to get ideas and clues? The game cuts to the chase and tells you “Okay, here are the parts of this room that will respond to you tapping and you can just tap on them straight away to get on with it.”

That’s what we set out to do and the result was the tappy grind feature. Our gamers love it and we decided we’re going to keep it because of that. 

The tappy grind feature is quite easy to use. Whenever you open a new level, you will see little pulsating circles over different spots in the level. These circles indicate where you can tap to get an idea or a clue. The game also asks you if you would like to continue with the tappy grind feature or not. If you don’t like it, you can select “NO”. If you love it, then you can select “YES”. 

The tappy grind feature helps busy individuals to speed up their gameplay and focus on what’s important, rather than wasting their time figuring out where to tap. 

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