The Bedroom Walkthrough

The Bedroom   Remember numbers and grab knob from behind. Pick up fire iron. Place numbers from painting on box to grab match. Find candle and put among rest to light. Grab key from wall with Fire Iron. Use key to open Drawer. Copy shape from candle figure to unlock box. Use key on door

The Alchemy room Walkthrough

The Alchemy room   Use knob from table to open drawer. Use part from drawer to grab map from box. Tap on owl to grab blue potion. Grab red and yellow potion from table. Use map to code potions. Use potions in correct order to open door.

The Blacksmith Walkthrough

The Blacksmith room   Grab pliers and bellow from underneath. Grab key and hammer. Move barrel to find Gold Ingot underneath. Use Hammer on Ingot then pick it up. Use key to open Box and grab bowl of water. Place bowl of water next to picture to get Gold ingot. Dump 3 Ingot pieces in

The Great Hall Room Walkthrough

The Great Hall Room   Tap Dogs twice to get key from under.   Grab lever from underneath table.   Grab chair from far right side.   Place lever on gear.   Put chair next to lever to see numeric number.   This is the code. (Note to keep Roman numbers)   Solve easy math

The Dungeon Room Walkthrough

The Dungeon Room   On the left side there is a red book under shield.   Grab torch from right side of room to scare spider.   Place red book in correct order to open nearby safe.   Use key from safe to unlock cage and grab weight.   Put weight on pedestal and get

The Courtyard Room Walkthrough

The Courtyard Room   Remove boxes to get key from under.   Use key to unlock door.

The Armory Room Walkthrough

The Armory Room   Grab hammer and spear stick.   Feed apples to iguana to grab candle from bowl.   Use hammer to break mold under table for spear.   Use spear to grab key behind shield.   Use key to unlock door.

The Kitchen Room Walkthrough

The Kitchen Room   Move sacks of flour to recover scissors.   Use scissors to get key from rabbit.   Use key to open cabinet and grab Soup spoon   Use Spoon to mix and grab knob.   Find other knob under Vegetables.   Use both knobs to open cabinet.   Grab plate from cabinet

The Throne Room Walkthrough

The Throne Room   Grab the meat out of bucket.   Two Chairs to the right and you will find key.   In order to get the crown, you must give the animal the meat.   Place the crown on the pedestal.   Take Scepter.   Put Scepter back on Pedestal.   Unlock Safe by