When the word ‘Castle’ is mentioned in conversation I bet my bottom dollar that you do exactly the same thing as me – think of medieval Britain, knights, the round table, King Arthur, the Lady in the Lake, princesses that need saving and enemies that need slaying…you get the picture. Castles are typically thought of as a British thing, but in reality they aren’t. They exist – and have existed – all over the globe since humankind learnt how to affix pieces of stone together to create a fortified structure. No matter where you visit on earth you can almost certainly be rest assured that there will be some form of castle there (if you know where to look). 

If you’re reading this then you’ll no doubt agree with my opinion that castles are fascinating things, so, in this article, I will pay homage to castles across the world. But which castles in particular?  Sure, most of us will never be able to afford a castle, but we can all dream, right?

Before we get onto that however, there is something else that I think you’ll love. Something that involves castles, brain teasers and puzzles. A game that combines the architectural wonder of a castle with the cerebral challenge of an escape room – a marriage that we think works rather well! Introducing…

Castle Breakout. 

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And, just like the castles mentioned in this article, the team that created Castle Breakout are truly global, with those involved in the development, design and programming of the game located everywhere from the USA to Pakistan. 

Anyway, on with the show…

Where to find Castles for Sale?

The short answer to this question would be: everywhere. Or anywhere. It doesn’t really make a difference. Castles exist in most countries. But how do you locate castles that are up for sale? Well, in the same way you’d search for any other type of property – use your best friend Google. There isn’t some form of secret castle buying club or anything of that ilk when it comes to finding castles. They might be hundreds of years old but the technology used to showcase them to potential buyers certainly isn’t! 

A quick Google search will bring up a plethora of results – the majority of which will either be real estate agents that have castles on their books; businesses that specialise in the sale of castles, or more general property ‘search and find’ type websites. All of these will assist you in tracking down the castle of your dreams (or your reality if you have the necessary funds to proceed with such a purchase!). Of course, if you’re looking for castles in a specific country then it would be helpful to add this into the search query, especially if it’s a different country to the one you’re currently located in and searching from. 

The process of buying a castle can be as simple and straightforward as buying any other form of property, or, depending on its age and status, can be a vastly more difficult, arduous and lengthy. For more information on this we’ve included an ‘Advice for Castle Buyers’ section at the end of the article, so be sure to check that out if you’re unsure of what to expect when purchasing a castle, the processes involved etc. 

Castle for Sale in Scotland

Scotland is famous for many things: Beautiful scenery, Hadrian’s Wall, Haggis, whisky, kilts, the Loch Ness Monster…and castles. Scotland has a huge array of castles – and we mean HUGE. But it’s not just the quantity of castles that is staggering, it’s also the majestic beauty of them too.

The phrase ‘A work of art’ could be applied to a whole host of Scottish castles for sale, but I don’t think even that does them justice.

. I think only the following two words truly and accurately describe the vast majority of castles in Scotland: ‘A masterpiece’.

But this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Architecture and craftsmanship in bygone eras were at the forefront of every castle, stately homes and the like. They were painstakingly crafted over many, many years until the perfect result was arrived upon. If you want to see this exalted elegance in the flesh then I highly recommend visiting the following castles: Dunrobin, Fyvie, Kilchrun, Brodie and Caerlaverlock. All were constructed in different centuries, but they are stunningly brilliant all the same. 

‘But what about castles for sale?’ I hear you cry from behind your computer/tablet/mobile screen. Fear ye not fellow castle lover, we’ll delve into that particular area now. As you would expect (thanks to the sheer number of castles that exist in Scotland) the current number of Scottish castles for sale is more than a healthy amount. Here are my personal favourites (in no particular order):

Tillycorthie (Aberdeenshire). If you’re a fan of Spanish castles (or at least castles whose design has Spanish influences incorporated in it) then this will be the castle for you. Not only does it have the Spanish touch, it also comes with nearly ten acres of land, elaborate fireplaces, moulded ceilings, a home gym and a wine cellar capable of holding nearly 3,000 bottles. What more could you want?

Greystones (Argyll). Oban is one of the most picturesque places in the whole of Scotland, so who’d not want a castle here? Add in the fact that it’s also the seafood capital of the country too and you know you’re in for a treat. Greystones itself has a panoramic view over Oban bay, and comes complete with nine bedrooms (all with en-suite of course) and one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever laid eyes upon. 

Irish Castles for Sale

Just like its Celtic cousin Scotland, Ireland is famous for many things: Guinness, whisky, Gaelic football, St. Patrick’s day, and yes, you guessed it, castles. Although the number of castles on Ireland is less than in the aforementioned Scotland, what they lack in quantity they more than make up for in breath-taking aesthetics and surrounding scenery.

Having visited Ireland on numerous occasions and had the pleasure of seeing a whole host of their castles, I can say hand-on-heart that they are some of the most amazing I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot of castles in my time!). If you’re heading over to Ireland anytime soon then I can highly recommend the following castles: Ashford (County Mayo), Dunlunce (County Antrim), Huntingdon (Country Carlow) and Malahide (Country Dublin). There are, however, several castles for sale in Ireland that are equally as stunning and currently on the market, and here are a selection for your perusal: 

Carrignacurra Castle (Cork). If you love castles and want to put your own, unique mark on the place then this might just be the castle for you. This 16th century fort is need of a lot of TLC (and work, of course!), but if renovation is your thing then this must go straight to the top of your castle shopping list. It comes complete with planning permission which will allow the owner to make the castle habitable in whichever way they see fit (within reason).

Castle Oliver (Limerick). This castle, built in the mid 1840’s, is certainly distinguished. Its baronial features that are set in bright yet earthy red sandstone are without a shadow of a doubt something to behold. This really is the type of castle that you’d take one look at and fall in love with straight away. Add in the fact that it has 12 bedrooms, the largest wine cellar in the whole of Ireland (holding nigh on 60,000 bottles!) and one of the most eye-catching libraries anywhere in Europe, and it’s a surprise that it’s not been snapped up already!

Castles for Sale in USA

I know what you’re thinking. ‘Castles? USA? They don’t go together, surely?’. I know, they are the last two things you’d put together, but don’t worry, I thought exactly the same thing. Castles are buildings that go back hundreds upon hundreds of years, right? Structures that go back well before civilisation hit North America, right? Wrong.  The USA has more than a few excellent castles. Sorry, let me correct myself: the USA has an absolute wealth of mind-blowingly epic castles.

Seriously, they are off the charts. I’ve become slightly overwrought from merely looking at photos of them online, so Lord knows how I’d react if I saw them in person. Here are some of my current USA castles for sale:

Baltzey (Maryland). Built in the 1890s, this castle is one of the oldest on our list. However, just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s run down and in need of renovation. Oh no, far from it. This magnificent structure had a makeover in 2011, which combined the older features of the castle with more modern ones, and by the looks of the photos it appears to be the perfect fusion. 

Phareloch (New Jersey). One critique of American castles that I hear fairly frequently is that many don’t look like actual castles, i.e. the the stereotypical image of what most people think of when the word ‘castle’ is mentioned. If you’re of that mindset then we may just have the perfect castle for you. Although it isn’t even 100 years old, Phareloch castle was modelled around the design of a 17th Normandy castle, and if you saw a photo of it you certainly wouldn’t think it was located  in the USA (I thought it was a German castle when I first saw it!). 

Castles for Sale in France

There are no two ways about it, France, like the UK, is synonymous with castles – or chateaus are they called. One thing I must state right now is that the French know how to build a castle! I have had the pleasure and privilege of chateau holidays in France throughout my life and not one hasn’t been a jaw dropping experience.

The architecture, finesse, workmanship and pure elegance of chateaus in France is off the scale.

. I would even go so far as to say that French castles are the best on the entire planet. 

One thing I love about castles in France is the wide array of types and sizes of castle that are available. In most countries castles are only available to the mega rich, whereas in France there are castles that suit budgets that you wouldn’t think would be sufficient enough to procure a castle. 

If you don’t believe me then just head over to Google and search for ‘French castles for sale’ or other similar phrases and you will see that I’m telling the truth, both about the aesthetic prowess of chateaus and their affordability. 

Seeking a castle for sale? Read this…

The two most important factors that you must be aware of if you’re considering the purchase of a castle. Firstly, you must be fully aware of what condition it is in. Will it be habitable straight away or will it require work done on it? If it does need work then it may require special materials and/or workmanship (depending on its age). Be sure to hire a commensurate engineer to check the condition.  So many get fleeced by not checking adequately the existing conditions.  Secondly, and probably most importantly, is the fact that you must be au fait with the laws and regulations not only regarding castle renovation but also your specific castle. Some castles are protected under law, so brushing up this side of things is paramount. Luckily there are experts in this area who will be able to help you out should you require any assistance. 

I hope you have found this piece both informative and entertaining. If you didn’t feel that you’ve been entertained enough however, then get yourself over to the website linked above and download Castle Breakout, as that will keep you immersed and enthralled for one good hour of bliss (maybe someday many months of pleasure).


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