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Professional Spotlight: Diego Pablon

Diego Pabon Buenos Aires, Argentina @diegopabon_official ANIMATION WORK QUESTIONS Do you have a profession? “Yes, I’m an Industrial Designer, qualified at the University of Buenos Aires, but I dedicate most of my time to 3D animation, which is what I like the most.” Are you currently working for a company, or are you a

Professional Spotlight: Antonie

22 Years Old, French @supergamedeveloper ANIMATION WORK QUESTIONS 1.- It’s there an Animator or Artist that your Inspiration? “ I really loved animations from pixar movies, and from all the games i played throughout my life. But I think mostly God Of War really impressed me with animations ”. 2.- What’s your favorite software, and

Enter Tappy Grind

The thing about room escape games is that you have to tap around the room to see if the game will respond by showing you a clue. In most games, you don’t know where to tap when you first get into the room. All you can see is a bunch of stuff and physical features.

Professional Spotlight: Arben Vllasaliu

AUTOBIOGRAPHY “My name is Arben Vllasaliu and I am a freelance visual and 3D artist based in Kosovo. I try to create video animations that stimulate our brains and give us a satisfying feeling. This is pretty much who I am. Growing up in a family of artists, I discovered my passion for art early.

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