About the makers of Castle Breakout

Who doesn’t yearn for escapism in the today’s world? Our brand new escape the room game app takes the classical theme to the next level and delivers an experience you will never forget. If you are a gamer who has played other escape games, you will know that this genre has a historical significance to it. While some of the best prison escape games have always been admired for their unique style of gameplay, none of them have offered mobile experiences with great video and audio features - until now. That is where we come in. We’ve taken extreme steps to create the best room escape game 2017, and we have done so successfully without breaking a sweat.


Great Developers Destined For Great Things

We have an in-house development team that is committed to achieving great things with every release. The approach we adopt to every aspect of game development is unique and admirable. Armed with a great set of critical thinkers, we plan and brainstorm each project with due diligence and only proceed when we feel that a certain perspective is good enough. Each title is presented to our users after careful consideration.

State of the Art Production Studio

What is a gaming application or a website worth without a personalized studio? We have invested in expensive production hardware so that you are always treated to timely updates and industry standard production quality in all our releases. What’s more? We believe in keeping ourselves relevant at all times, which is why we put in extra efforts to refresh/replace our key equipment every year.

Expertise That Is Synonymous With Top Notch Quality

We understand that the gaming community is heavily bugged with half baked titles all the time. That is why we have made it our mission to always produce content that stands the test of time. Having a team that is experienced in their craft helps, and we have come a long way since our inception to produce a great portfolio of awesome best escape games online. If you are looking to kill some time playing great games that tinker with your smartness, look no further than our collection of titles.

We Play Fair All the Time

We are a company that has strong ethical and moral roots, which is why we never believe in luring players with the promise of a great free game only to charge them large sums of money. All our monetary transactions are totally transparent and there will never be any hidden costs associated with any of our products. We didn’t support such business models in the past, we aren’t doing it now - and we promise to not to pull such tricks even in the future.

Penetrating All Gaming Mediums, One at a Time

Making our first foray into the gaming industry with our initial collection of titles online, we have the entire world in front of us. Steady improvements to our approach have now given birth to a brand new mobile app, with which we plan to invade the Android space! Soon enough you can expect us on other social media platforms as well, making us a truly well-rounded organization.

Gamers Are the Reason We Exist

Our primary reason to exist is our passion to entertain our audience. Great products are a result of unconditional passion, and our titles are a testament to that statement. It is a different experience when you are out making games for the fun of it instead of calculating revenue and we are supported and accepted by a community. Nothing makes us more proud and happy than knowing that fact and the only way we can truly repay them by continuing to make great games as long as we can.

Benefits of Playing Our Escape the Room Games

While our applications and games are primarily meant for adults, people of all ages can still enjoy them. Our games are intelligently designed to have a positive impact on players in multiple ways. Here are some well-known benefits:

It Makes You Think Outside the Box

This isn’t another easy-going cliched puzzle game. You will need to put on your thinking caps to cross each level, and you won’t have answers directly handed to you. All in game situations and scenarios are specifically designed to test the individual’s problem-solving skills. So if you are not used to playing such games, our app will surely open up a new avenue inside your brain!

Breaks Ice Easily & Quickly

Our game is a perfect for breaking social barriers. If you are heading a team, what better way than getting them acquainted by asking them to test their skills in escaping the room? Puzzles are naturally known to demand increased communication and teamwork, and we’ve taken special care to bring in those exact elements during our development process.

Enhances and Promotes Creative Thinking

There isn’t a single correct method to escape the room, sometimes, there are multiple unique solutions. There is where creative thinkers get the spotlight. The replayability of some levels is such that the player gets to try out each trick in their hat before moving forward.

Deadline Driven

Let’s not forget that a timer keeps ticking away (if need be), that exerts pressure on players to think and act fast. Escape the room games are perfect to train students and employees for deadline driven tasks. Such exercises would prepare them to face challenges in the real world without being pressurized too much.

Goal - Oriented

Expert players will know that only some objects and properties in the room are of actual help to the player. Which means that the rest serve as distractions. When the goal is to get out, players are forced to interact with relevant and helpful objects first. This induces priority based approach in the individuals while helping them avoid unnecessary distractions. Another great way to hone a goal-oriented mindset.

We'd Love to Hear From You!

We are always open to listen to our audience. Do you have a comment to make or something insightful to share? Send us a mail and we will make sure to pass on your message and questions to our developer team. Your voice will motivate and keep us going stronger - so never hesitate to hit us up!

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