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the Escape Room Game: Castle Breakout

Falcrom Castle

The escape game world has always been an exciting world to be a part of. People love a game that not only offers fun, but challenges their intellect as well. Couple this with an engaging back story and you have a winner! However, the world of escape games needed something fresh for a long time. Many of the ideas were tired versions of previous versions and the fans could tell. That’s when Cloudburst came into the scene.

We wanted to bring something different to the game; something exciting, challenging, interesting, and new. That’s how we dreamt up Falcrom Castle, the setting of Castle Breakout.

Our first strategy was to turn everything on its head. Most security systems are built to stop people getting in, with the exception of prisons. But prison escape games are another overdone genre. So what if you make a game where the objective is to keep people in?

That’s the essence of Castle Breakout. You’re the young Lord Rex. You've been tasked with checking on the security in each of the castle’s rooms. You proceed from the innermost rooms to the courtyard. That's where you meet the grandest aspect of the castle’s security: the dragon.

Official Walkthrough and cheats (pun intended).

The Dungeon

Castle Breakout has loads of goodies everyone will enjoy! For starters, all the first 10 levels are absolutely free! But wait; 'free' does not mean 'easy'. The challenges increase in difficulty as you progress, ensuring your intellectual gears will be grinding throughout the game

You’ll start out with some lower level rooms, such as the Alchemy Room, the Blacksmith’s Room, and the Armory. The dungeon itself is an important room. Escaping it will represents the final coup de grace as you escape the lower levels.

The prison in the dungeon level requires you to get the weight off the prison cage. Yes, it’s easier said than done, but if you love challenges, this one will blow your mind- in a good way, of course.

The Throne Room

Free escape rooms won’t offer you goodies like these! The Throne Room is probably the most enjoyable room in the entire castle. You will feel like a monarch trapped during a siege. Your ability to solve the puzzles will be vital to your escape!

We loved the Throne Room so much that we threw in some extensive tutorials to make the game play a little easier. We believe you’ll find it as fascinating as we did. Don't blame us if you end up playing all night...

Use Your Eyes and Wits to Win

Puzzles on Walls

The Princess’s bedroom is another place we’re proud of. Be watchful for numbers, gears, and several other items in the princess’s bedroom. You may see writing on the walls or you may have to look over or under certain inanimate objects.

You’ll solve lots of puzzles along the way as well. There are no holds barred. Paintings on the wall could be works of art that add to the aesthetics of the place. They could just as easily be valuable keys that will help you solve a later puzzle. Prepared for hidden passages that you can access using levers on the torches. Look out for safes and rooms you can unlock using a combination of high keys. This adventure is like no other. Even the poems and the numbers have something for those with a sharp mind for discerning hidden messages.

Clues Build Upon Clues

Kitchen Room

The game builds on top of earlier levels. Many of the clues you discover will help solve puzzles throughout the entire game. You will have to be highly observant to figure out what your next move will be. Be sure to put your Sherlock-hat on and take no prisoners!

Clues are hidden in clues. They’re also everywhere: the symbols on the walls, the furniture in the room... The pots... The plates... Even that beer could be an important potion for the alchemy you’ll need to solve the door.

A magical castle experience

The overall experience is definitely magical. You will definitely want to share some of it with your friends! Don’t forget to watch out for all the animals too. A dragon lies near the moat, which definitely has a surprise in store for you.

The graphics and sound effects are awesome too. They’ll make you feel like a part of the game throughout. The fish in the intro moat play a big role in solving the puzzles ahead. Make sure you don’t take anything for granted. Anything or any creature you come across holds significance in the game. Even if you see horses, don’t pass them by without asking why they are there.

Crazy Anterwirp

Lord Anterwirp will be your whimsical guide and mentor. He’s a little crazy, but don’t dare ask him what he does with the castle rats!

Your Mission

Your mission is simple: to escape rooms in a castle by solving different puzzles. The levels are all interconnected. You will find objects in rooms that won’t be used till later levels.

The game is better in another sense. As you get better at solving the puzzles and escaping the rooms, the challenges in turn get harder. You’ll even get to interact with the princess at some point and save her.

Castle Breakout isn't for the blind. You need to have a certain awareness of your surroundings and a good aptitude for solving puzzles. If you wanted a chance to challenge yourself, this is it. You can even challenge your friends to try and beat your times. Wit-wrangling riddles, beautiful graphics, and interactive animals. All these have made Castle Breakout the perfect escape app experience.

The reward for those who escape all ten levels is an amazing dragon ride around the castle grounds.

Winning All Levels

Castle Breakout is a game that will challenge your intellect. To win each level, awareness of your surroundings and solving riddles are key to advancing. Go ahead! Challenge yourself and you may become addicted to escaping each room in Castle Breakout! It is both challenging and exciting.

WorldWide Escape Room Craze

The "Escape Room" craze has swept the world, with escape room enterprises found in most major cities. Castle Breakout gives escape room fans a way to test their wits by escaping rooms -- anytime and anywhere.

Like a real-life escape room, those who succeed enjoy challenging friends over social media to best their times!

Castle Breakout is available for free on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac OS and Apple TV.

What are escape games?

Which is your favorite adventure game? I think this is a question no one asks anymore because the answer is obvious: the Escape Room game.

Answer: These games typically require you to provide a solution to a series of puzzles. The puzzle help you get your freedom from some sort of imprisonment. What makes these games challenging is not just the plain puzzles. Every player has to complete a level in a fixed time. By doing this, you will be rushed into making wrong judgements and forced into quick-fire thinking.

The popularity of room escape games is high around the world. Countries with a lot of players include United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Taiwan, Mainland China, Israel and Japan. With tens of thousands of such games around the world, they're definitely taking over. For instance, there are more than 400 rooms to escape in Japantown, Nashville, New York, Houston, Lakeland Austin, Philadelphia, Knoxville, Pigeon Forge, San Francisco, Springfield, Provo, Worcester, and Lancaster among many others.

Room escape games have become so popular that fans of escape games have coined a name for themselves, Room Escape Enthusiasts. These are folks who love the challenge of escaping from rooms, dungeons or prisons.

Many game developers have described "the Escape Room" Games as a hit. This is true especially among the young professionals and unemployed folks looking to drain away their boredom. They are undoubtedly some of the most impressive games you will set your eyes on

Escape from SF

We’re planning on extending the masterpiece that is Castle Breakout. Soon, we plan to include Asian palaces and temples.Expect Russian palaces, Indian temples and so on. All these great ideas come from our wonderful artists from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

New Escape Games

There are numerous new escape games that if you are a fanatic of this genre you must come across them on a daily basis. More and more firms made it possible to download games straight from the Internet, and we mean to do the same. Our idea though is to come up with something that will intrigue our players. We are entering the market to win the hearts of our escape gamers. With there being hundreds of new escape games every year, it is only obvious that players will want to choose the best.

Castle Breakout is a great milestone for us, but it is in its initial stages. What you can be sure of is that, with every new idea we have, we put the players’ interests first. The question that’s always floating in our minds is “What will make our players want to stick with us?” This is why we plan to add 100-200 levels to Castle Breakout. You’ll never play a level twice!

Prison Escape Games

Prison escape games are also a variety of escape games that teenagers find very engaging. They are captivating games which develop your creative skills. In prison escape games, you are required to craft an escape plan out of the prison. Although our Caste Breakout game is about escaping a castle, we feature a dungeon among the rooms. The dungeon is our prison level.

Escape Rooms Online

Did you know you can play escape rooms online? Yes, we will soon have games which allow you to play online escape games. Our game is also (soon) designed to allow for this opportunity especially to those players who would like to brag about their progress online.
Escape room games online are popular and anyone looking to develop an escape game must put this factor into consideration.